gardening 2014 

We currently have two Gardening groups one a Thursday and one on a Friday in the Fylde.

The group provides an ornamental service to improve the appearance of gardens and also has a food production team. Food is produced at Ormerod’s main office site and is also produced at their allotment on Blundell Road in St Annes. Their produce also helps supply Spice Up Your Life as well as local food banks.

Both groups are currently building up a new project called Branching Out. This has recently been awarded a contract to maintain the grounds at the Ormerod Headquarters, which one of the Friday groups works on, and in the medium to long term is aiming to launch a cost competitive service across the local community in the next year.

The Friday group is split into two groups. One group are maintaining the Ormerod grounds and the other (called Gardening Plus) attends Ashton Gardens where they are potting bedding plants for the community baskets. The group work alongside Fylde Borough every Friday to maintain the project.