Tune in to your senses

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The tune in group meet up ever Wednesday afternoon after lunch at the catholic club on St.Albans road St.Annes. The group of students take part in lots of different activates using all their senses. Always being very creative in all work they do. The group have looked at different countries from around the world, exploring & comparing different cultures. In doing so this we undertake a range of activities of the activities including:

Tasting, smelling & cooking traditional food & drink from around the world

Comparing colour & design of different flags

Looking & trying on traditional clothes/dress from different countries feeling the different textures of the materials/fabric’s used.

Reading/listening to music /poetry , joining into some dance/movement, & making musical instruments

Looking at and making/decorating models of famous buildings/temples

Discovering traditions/meanings of different dates on a calendar from around the world e.g. St Valentine’sday, American thanks giving & the year of the dragon

Actively taking part/watching different sports/hobbies from around the world e.g. cricket,

Yoga & base ball

To celebrate all the hard work and show off all the amazing work the tune in group achieves we hold several open theme days throughout the year. At these everyone is invited to join us. Food and drink are available at a small price along with free samples, competitions, raffles, dancing & socializing all aimed at having fun. To date we have had an American thanks giving day which included a fancy dress competition, a European day that held a design your own t-shirt and taste different cheeses. and an Oriental day which was very colourful and included tasting of different teas and a ‘design your own fan’ competition.