Intensive Support Services

Our Intensive Support Services (ISS) are designed specifically to support people who may challenge conventional service approaches and require detailed planned services to ensure that people can be discharged from long stay hospital more effectively, or ideally to support people in a way that prevents the need for their admission in the first place.

Our Intensive Support Services Team consist of managers and staff trained in accredited forms of least restrictive intervention that follow the Positive Behaviour Support Model. Our Intensive Support Services Team is one of the key ways that we work with Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to respond appropriately to the Winterbourne View Concordat and Transforming Care.

As part of having excellent relationships with local housing providers, and a genuine in depth knowledge of the local area, we have a track record of being able to source and deliver housing solutions that meet the bespoke needs of the people who require this as part of their overall plan.