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Process flow chart My Life, My Support – resource pack

One page profiles

A one-page profile typically has three sections: an appreciation about the person; what is important to that person from their perspective; and how to support them well. A one-page profile can also be the beginning of a more detailed person-centred description. Once you have a one-page profile, each person-centred thinking tool used both leads to actions and further information which can be added, so that the document turns from being a one-page profile to a person-centred description

One Page Profiles MN

easy one page profile template 2


Health Actions Plans

Template for health record used in Lancs

How to use personal health record

health action plan

choosing health

health stuff DH_096506

hospital admission booklet final – This is for the Blackpool area but can be changed, it needs to be completed before someone goes to hospital and needs to be kept up to date.


Person centred reviews

pc reviewsFrom Helen Sanderson Associates

Person Centred Reviews Report – From Gill Bailey, Helen Sanderson, Charlotte Sweeny and Belinda Heaney.

my review workbook – Workbook developed by: Niki Marshall, Diane Staniforth and Ruth Mathiesen based on the year 9 Person Centred Review process by Helen Sanderson. From Sheffield Care Trust.


Communication Passports

It is recommended that people develop their own format based on general categories. A communication checklist has been developed that will help you evaluate and self assess your use of communication tools with individuals therefore improving the quality of their support.  Teams and support staff can use it with individuals and may find the checklist helpful as a reminder. Communication checklist


Planning styles

ELP – Listen to me
MAP –  blank map
PATH – blank path

Solution circles

Completed plans and profiles from ELP The learning Community
Rebecca’s PATH – from Cate Shepard


Relationship circles

relationship circle



Gifts sheet and community map



Community Circles We’re exploring how to create Community Circles at scale, using person-centred practices, so everyone can benefit

Circles Network
Circles of Support are perhaps the area of work Circles Network is best known for.

Connect4life is a new scheme in Lancashire designed to strengthen and support you to make a better life. It helps you to find support and connections.

My Life
My Life is a social enterprise that connects people with their communities.

Lancashire volunteers –
Volunteers service run by lancashire County Council.

The volunteer centre BFW

‘To provide support and inspiration for volunteers, organisations and groups to develop volunteering in the community’

Community Solutions (Accrington) –
If you think you may know someone who would benefit from our services, such as Befriending or Food Bank, you will find referral forms on the relevant pages on our web site.