We put 100% of donations to purchase equipment and items and do not deduct anything for administration costs. Therefore every penny of your donation goes directly to benefiting people with a disability.

We have a wide variety of projects and goals, the examples below give an idea of some of the ways your money can help us.

£15 can help to buy equipment for one of our many community based groups.

£25 can build an individual’s confidence through being enabled to contribute towards supported employment.

£50 can provide one day’s staff support to teach catering skills through the ‘Spice Up Your Life’ Project.

£100 can help equip a service with specialised aids for people with profound physical and learning disabilities.

£200 can purchase a tablet and apps to help a person without speech gain a voice.

£1000 can help to adapt a building for people with Downs Syndrome and dementia.

£2000 can help people with a disability start up their own business.